Rongfeng, China

Shandong Rongfeng Edible Mushroom co., ltd (hereinafter as Rongfeng) is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in edible mushroom industry with full strain of research and development.
Cultivation, Processing and Sales.

A staff of 600 people and 4 billion general assets. The factory, which occupied more than 400 thousand square meters to supply large production capability, can produce the  impressive quantity 150 tons of mushrooms each day. The main factory is in the Shangdong Region (northwest China) at about 100 km from Jinan.

Rongfeng has the most advanced process line in China, which had realized total automation from the beginning to last procedure. The state of art process line provides the best temperature, humidity, and ventilation with the installation of light industrial LU-VE evaporator range F45H, F50HC and CD 45 double flow range, for a total of 687 unit coolers with set of 114 screw compressors (3,8 Mw)  and also provides a guarantee for quality and safety. The company has passed ISO/HACCP, and Organic products certification.

Based on the most advanced process line, modern management system, and the best human resource in China, this company has become the biggest production base of Hypsizigus marmoreus. (Including white beech mushroom, brown beech mushroom). Rongfeng was awarded “National excellent leading company of Edible Fungus industry” “Agricultural industrialization focus leading company” and so on.