Uboldo (Va) - 8 April 2020. We would like to thank you for the consideration and commitment you have shown to LU-VE Group, in a particularly difficult period. Thanks to your collaboration we have been able to stay strong for this we are very grateful.

In the face of the most unpredictable and unprecedented event in modern times, for several weeks LU-VE Group has been doing everything possible to protect the health and safety of all of us and to safeguard at the same time our future, in Italy and in the countries where we are present.

All of us are going through a time of health, social and economic emergency, the negative consequences of which will surely have a considerable impact for the whole nation. At a time like this, characterized by a national emergency, it is desirable and necessary that all make their own contribution by acting with the utmost seriousness, adopting responsible behaviour, for the good of the nation.

Even in this difficult context and despite the closure of some plants, LUVE Group has decided to continue to honour the financial deadlines with punctuality towards all its suppliers and collaborators in order to protect everyone, starting from the weakest subjects, and with the intent not to aggravate further the difficult management of this emergency and dramatic situation.

Once again, LU-VE Group has demonstrated in a tangible and concrete way the profound value it attaches to its suppliers, who have always been considered real partners, many of them of long standing, and together with whom LU-VE has built a solid history of growth and success.

In order not to exacerbate the damage resulting from this dramatic situation, which is characterizing these “long” weeks, we ask all of you to apply the same logic of responsibility towards the entire productive system, to ensure the recovery and continuity of the entire Italian manufacturing chain.

We thank you for your understanding and trust.
Together we’ll be stronger than before.