The multinational based in the Province of Varese is one of the 8 companies selected in the 55th edition of the research study on "Leading Italian Companies" for increase in sales and for the impact of the result on turnover in 2019.

Uboldo, 5 November 2020 LU-VE is also there amongst the most "dynamic" companies identified by Mediobanca as part of the 55th edition of the study on "Leading Italian Companies". The multinational from Varese, listed on MTA, is the third largest operator in the world in the air heat exchanger sector. It has been selected as one of the eight companies able to achieve an increase in sales of at least 20% in 2019, compared to the levels of both 2011 and 2018 and with an impact of the result on turnover greater than 4%.

The research carried out by the Mediobanca Research Area analyzed the financial statements of 3,449 Italian companies which achieved a turnover of at least €50 million in the last financial year, divided according to the sector in which they operate: 2,582 industrial and service companies, 250 holding companies, 29 brokerage firms, 29 leasing companies, 39 factoring and consumer credit companies, 406 banks and 114 insurance companies.

An ad hoc in-depth study was dedicated to the so-called "Dynamic Enterprises" of the "Fourth Capitalism", i.e. the manufacturing companies of the intermediate size bracket in the Italian economic system: a total of eight companies divided equally between medium-sized companies (with a 2019 turnover between €50 and €370 million and with less than 500 employees) and medium-large ones (with turnover up to €3 billion or with more than 499 employees). LU-VE is in the latter category, by virtue of revenues that grew from €306 million in 2018 to €390 million in 2019 (+ 27.6%) and an impact of the result on turnover of 4.5%.

Not just numbers, however: according to the research, in fact, the "dynamic" companies identified are also characterized by a high level of sustainability demonstrated during the pandemic period, also thanks to local initiatives.

"We are proud of this recognition, which confirms the validity of our long-term growth strategy, made up of geographical and product diversification, investments in R&D and targeted acquisitions, but without ever forgetting our commitment to our territory and to the construction of an increasingly sustainable world”, commented Iginio Liberali, President of LU-VE.