LU-VE Group celebrates 20 years of SEST-LUVE POLSKA

On Friday 9 December, the 20th anniversary of the Polish plant of LU-VE Group was celebrated in Gliwice in Upper Silesia.

SEST LU-VE Polska was established on November 30, 2022, the same year in which the euro was introduced and ten new countries, including Poland, joined the European Union. Precisely in that year, LU-VE Group decided to consolidate its leadership position in Europe, strengthening its presence in a strategic area. Today the Gliwice plant is the largest of the Group, with around 1,000 employees and two factories (overall 92,000 m2).

In Poland, LU-VE Group produces both ventilated heat exchangers (unit coolers and condensers) and exchangers for refrigerated counters and display cases and other applications. With a turnover of over €100 million in 2021, and with 40% growth compared to the previous year, SEST LU-VE Polska spearheads LU-VE Group’s expansion.

After the construction of the first factory in 2002, the Group made major investments in Gliwice: expansion of the first factory, construction of the second production plant and further expansion (in progress) of this facility. The expansion also involved the addition of seven new production lines.

The ceremony was attended by employees of the Polish company, local authority representatives, customers and suppliers. On behalf of LU-VE Group, the vice president Pierluigi Faggioli thanked "all those who have made this success possible". During the evening Michele Faggioli, COO of the Group, honoured the workers who have stayed with the company since its foundation. Fabio Liberali, CCO of LU-VE Group, presented the "Ermanno and Chiara Liberali" scholarships to the children of the employees of the Gliwice plant.