LU-VE Group announces the acquisition of the US corporation Zyklus Heat Transfer Inc.

Zyklus (Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas) specializes in manufacturing heat exchangers for commercial refrigeration, refrigerated transport and air conditioning. It has inherited a long tradition in this sector and is deeply-rooted in its territory, with a client base of prime importance.

The President of LU-VE Iginio Liberali said "Zyklus’s acquisition is another important step in the strategy of internationalization of the Group. LU-VE is now present in all the most important countries of the world; the US market is the first market in the world for refrigeration and air conditioning. Our "glocal" growth strategy has led us to invest at international level, to satisfy the requests of different local markets: the acquisition of Spirotech in India in 2016, creating a second facility in Poland, which is currently under construction, and the doubling of the manufacturing surface in China, which will be completed by early 2019."

Mr. Liberali added: "The Zyklus facility will allow an important strengthening of the commercial presence of LU-VE Group in North America, where in the next few years there will be a rapid development in the market for heat exchangers with "European" technology, characterized by careful attention to environmental impact and energy consumption. Moreover, we expect to generate significant industrial synergies (for products and processes) as well as commercial synergies: on one hand, Zyklus will be able to take advantage of LU-VE technologies; on the other hand, LU-VE can strengthen its already-established relationships with important North-American clients".


LU-VE Group continues expansion in Asia

As part of its plan for international development in strategic areas, LU-VE Group is starting the project of expanding its production facility in China, which is currently located in the Science Development Zone of Chiangshu. The plan provides for transfer from the Province of Jiangsu to Tianmen in the Province of Hubei (South-central China).

The new production facility will be called LU-VE Tianmen. The total structural surface area will increase from the present 7,000 to over 19,000 m2. 15,000 m2 of this area will be dedicated to production, while a two-story building (2,000 m2) will house the offices; another 2.000 m2 will be reserved for dormitories and the company restaurant. The development plans also provide for a further possible expansion of 10.000 m2 from 2021.  The new LU-VE Tianmen plant (which will employ over 70% of the current workforce in the Changshu factory) will be able to start production in autumn, reaching full operation in 2019.

In Europa meanwhile, LU-VE Group is doubling its own facility in Gliwice (Poland): a new-area total of 60,000 m2 of which 20,000 m2 are covered. The project, which began in 2017, involves an investment of €36 million over five years.


Gerhard Neuhauser (LU-VE Austria): new Vice President of AREA

commercial and industrial refrigerationGerhard Neuhauser, LU-VE Austria GmbH, is the new Vice President of AREA, the air-conditioning and refrigeration European association.

Gerhard, who also serves as President of OeKKV (Österreichischer Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein), was elected during the AREA 2018 Spring General Assembly Meeting (Vienna, Austria - 25-26 May 2018).

The new elected board is composed as follows: Marco Buoni, President (Italy), Gerhard Neuhauser Vice President (Austria), Grzegorz Michalski, Director (Poland), Graeme Fox, Director (UK), Stig Rath, Treasurer (Norway) and Per Jonasson, Past President (Sweden). Established in 1989, AREA voices the interests of 25 national associations from 21 countries, representing 13,000 companies, employing 110,000 people and with an annual turnover approaching € 23 billion.

LU-VE Austria GmbH (established in 2017) deals with the entire product range for commercial and industrial refrigeration as well as air conditioning. The company task is to improve LU-VE Group support to Austrian customers but also to find new ones and new segments in both Germany and Switzerland.



Uboldo – 27 April 2018 - The Board of Directors of LU-VE, meeting today, announces that the positive trend which characterized the second half-year period of 2017 has continued in the first quarter of 2018:

- consolidated products invoiced: €68.8 million (+ 13.1% compared to 31 March 2017);
- highest-ever order book value: € 40.7 million (+20.4% compared to 31 March 2017).



Uboldo – 9 April 2018 – LU-VE is one of the best-performing companies in Lombardy. The multi-national from the province of Varese, the European leader in the sector of ventilated equipment and heat exchangers, has been honoured with the “Industria Felix Prize”, awarded by the Industria Felix cultural association in collaboration with Cerved and under the patronage of LUISS University Guido Carli and Confindustria Lombardia to companies in the Region distinguished by their excellent management performance and record financial statements. LU-VE achieved the Highest Honour for its financial results, being the “best company in Lombardy in the home sector”.

In total, 78 companies in the Lombardy Region were awarded the Industria Felix Prize. They were selected by a scientific committee chaired by Professor Cesare Pozzi, lecturer in business economics at LUISS. The committee evaluated the summary of the survey conducted by journalist Michele Montemurro in collaboration with the Research Centre of Cerved. After analyzing the financial statements of 31,825 joint stock companies with registered offices in Lombardy and turnover/revenue between 2 and 19 million euros, 59 Highest Honours for best management performance and 19 Special Mentions for financial results were awarded to the provincial and regional.

“This recognition makes us really proud,” said Iginio Liberali, President and founder of LU-VE. “Lombardy boasts one of the most developed entrepreneurial structures not only in Italy, but also in the world: being successful here means being competitive globally, and represents an extra stimulus for us to continue along the growth path of LU-VE, which we began in 1986.”

“We owe our thanks to our entrepreneurs,” commented the Vice President of the Lombardy Region Fabrizio Sala. “Thanks, because in the face of the economic crisis the excellence of our Region contributed to saving the well-being of Lombardy and the entire country. The whole world recognises the great value of our human capital which represents the capacity to grow and innovate. This is what we are investing in.”